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Expo FCT 2013

(from February 2013 to April 2013)

I was in the official Expo FCT 2013 mobile web application development team.

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Kinect TV

(from August 2012 to February 2013)

Research on an interface that will enable people to use their television without resorting to any kind of physical remote controls.

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Mouse Trap

(August 2011)

A game that I made in 48 hours for a contest called Ludum Dare. It was based on the aMAZING engine, listed next. The game's submission page can be viewed here.

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(from June 2011 to August 2011)

Combining my passion for building games, and the desire to learn the wonders of HTML5 and the canvas element, I set out to make this tile engine.

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The Thief

(from March 2011 to June 2011)

This game consists on a thief who wishes to steal treasures. He must face many perils on his way either be it: guards, other thieves, stray bullets and even lava!

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Residential Website

(August 2010)

Based of the Auto Guinot website, I made a site for a residential called Nosso Paraíso, located in the sunny Algarve. During my stay, I proposed the residential owners to build them a site. I took the Auto Guinot's code base, and over the week I stayed there, I made them the website. It is (or at least was) hosted at

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Auto Stand Website

(from June 2008 to May 2009)
  • Auto Guinot logo

A website I made on my free time for an auto stand. It was originally hosted at, but the stand owners stopped caring for the website, so the website is down at the moment.

Codebits 2007 Winner

Creativity Category, Bem q'asspas

Lisbon, Portugal, 2007
  • Me and my mates participating on Codebits 2007

CJCI 2008

Honorable Mention, PointIt

Lisbon, Portugal, 2008
  • CJCI Logo


Third Place, on the team CaparicaTuxz

Faro, Portugal, 2011
  • From left to right, David Serrano, Diogo Serra and Diogo Sousa, showing off the prizes and certificates for the third place on MIUP'11

SWERC 2011

Contestant, on the team CaparicaTuxz

Madrid, Spain, 2011
  • From left to right, Hugo Vieira, Diogo Serra, David Serrano and Diogo Sousa, posing for the SWERC 2011 team photo


Bronze Medal (fifth place), on the team AsymptoticFunctor

Porto, Portugal, 2012
  • From left to right, Diogo Sousa, David Serrano, Daniel Parreira and Margarida Mamede, being the MIUP'12 bronze medalists

SWERC 2012

Contestant, on the team AsymptoticFunctor

Valencia, Spain, 2012
  • From left to right, Diogo Sousa, Daniel Parreira, David Serrano and Margarida Mamede, posing for the SWERC 2012 team photo